Monday, March 21, 2011

Daily Lessons #-10 Homesick is ok

Being in the Army has defiantly put a damper on relationships with family and friends.
I cant begin to describe the waves of being close and chatting for hours on the phone and then fading and going days without talking. I have been in the Army for a year and half and still am not used to being away. 
It sucks missing friends birthdays that you extremely want to be there for or just random days that you want your girlfriend to cry with. I cant express how much i miss my grandparents and how much i want to be there for my grandma.

Needless to say i am really home sick.

It doesn't help having a boyfriend who is even farther away then my family. I love skype dont get me wrong but i just want to reach out and feel him or kiss him. 

I should be happy to be blessed with wonderful people in my life that i get to miss so much.

DAILY LESSON #10- Homesick is ok but then go home!

I am saving all my pennies to go home.
 There is nothing like family and friends and sometimes seeing them is the only thing that makes it all better. I should cherish them while they still put up with me  ; )

Things i miss about home:

I miss the Sculpture Gardens and Walker Art Center 
And all other Art and performing arts

The night i took this there was a music festival, it was lovely you could hear the music all around downtown

I love MN sports ( well not the Timberwolves) 
And I LOVE the new Twins stadium
but i do miss the dome

This is in the park right by my college down town minneapolis
I love this park
and this fountain
and dream of living by it

I miss going to the Renaissance Festival 
with my grandparents every year. 
I miss the State Fair 
I miss the Farmers Market in downtown Minneapolis
I miss the old car show
I miss all the summer fairs in every little city

Things not pictured that i miss:
I miss the hustle and bustle of Minneapolis
I miss 50's Grill <-- best malts, burgers, hamburger steak, chicken club and apple crisp
I miss potbellys
I miss Maple Grove shopping center
i miss jimmy johns
(down south does NOT have good sandwhich shops)
I miss caribou
I miss Patina
I miss uptown
I miss uptown with my friends
I miss good shopping
I miss heartbreaker
I miss malls and targets that are closer then an hour away
I miss Lake Calhoun
I miss the parks and trails around Minneapolis
I miss being able to get in my car and drive to my friends
I miss seeing and playing with my puppy

and most of all i miss my home i grew up in...
(My family just moved so i never get to go back)


Missing the boyfriend remedy: 
- Plan even better care packages
*Going to try to send him a pillow case 
with my perfume all over it so he smells me when he sleeps
- Finish our scrap book
- Plan fun weekends for us for when he is back
* Bed and Breakfast
* New Orleans
* Corpus Cristi
* Movie Extravaganza weekend
* A weekend where i try to play video games and be a "Gamer"
* I really have like a million little ideas <--- Better watch out baby
- dream about our apartment together a lot <--- i wont tell him that
- Look forward to and research about the puppy he said i could get

So even though i am ridiculously wanting home, i just have to wait a little more.  
I have a plan and its going to happen!

Positive thinking and Good Karma my friends!


  1. i hope you get to see it all soon! it snowed here again last night, and i am now more than ever missing the summers at the farmers market!! it will come soon...

  2. I was really pulling for spring to come for you guys but this morning my friend sent me a picture of the recent snow fall! Crazy! The joys of Minnesota

  3. Girl!! I just stumbled upon your blog and you know what drew me in....the fact that you're from MN!! I am a fellow Minnesotan and whenever I find a MN blogger I MUST follow them.
    This post made me ULTRA homesick as well. We moved from MN to GA almost two years ago and I LONG for MN just as you do. I LOVE that you posted pictures of the things that you miss about MN and also your list of places/things that you miss...I miss a lot of those same things as well. In fact Jimmy Johns is on the TOP of my list!!
    You have an amazing outlook on life, (just from the few posts I've read) and it's very refreshing. Keep the faith! LOVE your blog!

  4. aww Karissa thanks sweetie! so happy that there are many MN lovers out there! I never thought i would miss MN as much as i do and how unique and special MN is to me. I appreciate the kind words, so nice to hear :)


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