Thursday, March 24, 2011

Daily lessons#12- wear white pants

I love these white pants.

I got them at American Eagle a few years ago

 Honestly i normally shy away from color. 

Daily lesson: Wear White pants 
because you will match any color beautifully with them!

I love grey, black, neutrals

This whole outfit was a good balance of pop color
but still not too much

AEO Floral Bauble Scarf
Looks like they only have the scarf left in purple and blue.
But.. I really want the purple 

Thinking i need a cool summer hat
Ideas from Urban Outfitters:
Braided Straw Bow Cloche

Bucket Cloche

Ideas from American Eagle
Ideas from Roxy:
Hats - Roxy

Ideas from Metropark:

Medium Image of Raffia Buckle Floppy Hat
Hmm... so now which one to choose. 
looks like its going to be a big floppy hat 

Good Karma to Mis amigos!
and yay its almost the weekend

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  1. Ooo! That outfit is so cute! I usually wear dark bottoms because I'm SUCH a pear shape that emphasizing anything frightens me...but now I'm feeling a little more open to it. :)


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