Saturday, March 26, 2011

Daily Lessons #-14 Take a hike

Yep. Literally
(Daily lesson) go take a hike.
Hodges Gardens State park
is over 700 acres of beauty, breath taking views and everything
 i needed to recoup

Today was their Spring Fling event, which includes:
-Local vendors
-antique car show
-baked goods/ nummy gumbo goods
-face paintings
-local performers
- and the amazing gardens and trails

It was tough to pick between the billion beautiful pictures

If i could give it more then two thumbs up i would

I like to accentuate my guns with flowers

The merrels were perfect.
This place also couldn't be more relaxing
Heres the hiking outfit:

Light shorts. White shirt. T-shirt grey sweater.
and all time favorite jean jacket

However the bangs were annoyingly not cooperating

I hope you go out and find some nature
and enjoy!

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  1. These pictures are awesome dear :) I'm jealous of the beautiful weather you get to enjoy!


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