Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Reading Recommendation: One Day

I originally saw the book One Day 
 recommended on another bloggers page 
and said
"Mental note: Read it"
that mental note didn't stick until
i went home and was at a nail salon with my mom and aunt and saw someone reading 
the book
so then i bought it on my next flight
and i LOVED it

I am not the best at describing why you should ready books but i also think i am pretty picky when it comes to keeping my attention or me even liking books and this one did that.
It does start a little slow but then it becomes fun to connect with the characters.
With this book it is interesting to see where the characters are at in different stages of their lives and how they continue to weave in and out of each others lives.
I will say this book TOTALLY shocked me at the end
and made me cry 
I am even more excited to see the movie

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