Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall activities: Apple Bites

In the fall my grandparents and i ALWAYS used to go to the 
Apple orchard
and raid it
we would buy apple EVERYTHING
now i live in Louisiana
sadly i don't even think they have one :(

So now i just find things i can do with apples on my own!
I did a baked apple post (here) 
and they were DELICIOUS
then i tired to make apple chips
and burned them :(
However Kelly and Tiramisu did not burn them and loves them

Next apple idea:
Pinned Image
Thanks be to this blog

Good weekend snack
or maybe if i have a wittle halloween party
psht who am i kidding i want them now 
no need for a reason!



  1. Ummm, that looks delicious and easy. This is a great idea.


  2. i want to go apple picking so badly! i still have not.

    but i saw these bites on pinterest. such a good idea and less mess!


  3. Did you make these apple bites? I've been eyeing them on pinterest :)
    I've never been apple picking, that's on my to do list for next year!


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