Thursday, November 3, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

I really do love the Awkward and Awesomeness of life!

Awkward: Sitting on hold for 20 minutes.. should be a sin
Awkward: Playing with the puppy and then she starts digging.. at your butt
Awkward: No thigh muscle due to surgery
Awkward: Hooking some crazy russian shock machine up to my little thigh
Awkward: Swearing out loud at the physical therapy office when the shock machine super shocked me
Awkward: Going to three different stores to look for castor oil, wish i didn't have to stand and stare in the laxative isle and then ask if the store has it 
(Promise its for the oil face cleansing method)
Awkward: Trying to hide the new pup from the landlord because i haven't paid the pet deposit yet.. shhh

Awesome: Just had 30 days off of work (sad part = going back tomorrow)
Awesome: Just bought and started reading Bethany Frankels book, A Place of Yes
Awesome: Ordered the fur vest i wanted from American Eagle
Awesome: The pup growled and barked for the first time
Awesome: Finally buying the EOS lip balm ball and hand lotion
Awesome: I havent eaten out for three whole days <-- BIG DEAL for me!
Awesome: having those life is good moments and feeling so lucky to have the boo in my life

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