Sunday, February 27, 2011

Daily Lessons #4- Hair

Where did the weekend go? 

Three papers
1 FOUR hour final
Three wonderful naps
Charleys Sub and Taco Bell
Friday night: Veg out with friends and watch tv
Listening to The Band Perry and Adele 21 on repeat for days

I'm happy that homework will not be consuming my life as much for the next few weeks. I truly am dreading my math term next. I need to find a way to make math fun. I should reward myself when i do good on test. Thats what ill do :)

So ive been checking out my hair lately and i am unfortunately very lazy when it comes to styling it or doing anything with it. I am lucky to get a brush through it really. so maybe a new cut or color or bangs will help with that.

DAILY LESSON: I probably should not have started dying my hair with box dye because now i am going to have to go get it fixed and spend lots o money fixing it : /

This is me trying to see if bangs would work
not sure if that helped

So i have decided i will stay dark with the hair color.
also decided bangs will be the easiest way to spruce things up without cutting my hair which im sure ill regret

while looking up picture of how these bangs will possibly look i found:


i think i would be too afraid of them falling off right in front of me.

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