Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Daily Lessons #2

"All good comes to he (or she) who waits" -Proverbs

"Patience is bitter, But its fruit is sweet" -Jean Jacques Rousseau

"Patience and Fortitude conquer all things" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Daily Lesson: Patience is attainable and if i do say so myself i finally have some!

The boyfriend of mine has been away playing in the sand in the Middle East for about four months now. Before his R&R we had thee worst communication and it was really hard for me. It was not his fault he did not have the capabilities to call or email or Facebook or anything. So i would patiently veering into pathetically wait for his one call a week or email. I read the emails over and over again. (I knew i was not cut out for long distance relationships. I vowed to try my absolute hardest to make this work) Finally!! Finally!! He has internet and Skype. Seeing his face means the world to me. waiting that whole time was awful but i can see how it was actually good for me and now i am happy for every time i get to see his smile!

Me: Jumping for joy in LA
(Secretly jumping for joy in my room just like this about Skype)

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