Monday, September 5, 2011

Perfect Labor Day Picture

Things i love about this picture:

1) Im drinking a dranky drink
Yay 21

2) This drink is called a 
has beer in it
Probably the only way i will drink beer

3) Im wearing my "BJE" ring

4) Im wearing plaid
and it doesn't look like i should be in 
a southern dance hall

5) New target shades

<3Labor Day


  1. Yay for being 21! & I love the Target shades. Super stellar if you ask me ; )

    ...and I have never heard of a beergarita. but I do love beer. and margaritas. SO I might just have to try that sometime!

  2. I love your plaid shirt. You have a cute blog, by the way! :)


  3. I love everything in this pictures. Booze, flannel, target shades. Whoo!


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