Friday, September 23, 2011

Meat pie

So who knew two jobs and school full time would be so hectic
its great that i am accomplishing these goals that i set out for myself
but really...
i miss blogging a lot!
so yay today i home from work sick
and i have time to catch up in the world of blogging
((maybe i should have more sick days... ))

Last weekend i randomly had two whole days off in a row
it was amazing
and i celebrated with meat pies :)

This was in a small town about an hour away from me
and they were hosting their annual
"Meat Pie Festival"

So of course i ate a famous meat pie
and everything else is sight :)

And some crackled alligator

and some oysters :)

I love finding random local town fairs!
especially when lots of food is involved


  1. looks like so much fun! happy belated birthday girl!

  2. Food is ALWAYS the best part. ALWAYS.

    Welcome back to the bloggy world lovey. :)


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