Monday, August 29, 2011

New favorite drink

Minneapolis has a place called
"Tea Garden"
super awesome nummy delicious little place
that sells bubble tea
and here is my new favorite drink:

Chocolate cooler with tapioca pearls

Sunday, August 28, 2011


My initials are 'BJE'
My grandmas initials are 'BJE'
and i love that
so i got a ring that reminds me of it

Saturday, August 27, 2011

21 Fun

Sooo yay 
Friday was my 21st!
Of course i participated in our societal trend 
of dressing up 
and getting a wee bit drunk 
and forcing all friends to do the same

Birthday Friends

Birthday cake

Birthday shoes

Thanks to all who made my birthday fabulous!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The bangs are back

I got a hair cut and color
by my long time friend Miss Emma 

(If you ever in Minneapolis, go directly to Uptown Haven Salon
and have her do your hair
ahh the place is decorated oooo so cute
its kind of like getting your hair done in Anthropology) 

Any who i got my hair colored to match my roots 
trying to go more natural 
we will see how long this lasts
(dont think i have ever had my natural hair color past the age of 10)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

pick me ups

So true to what I'm going through:
A plaque from Patina 

B Cup

Got you!
but really 
I LOVE my new 'B' cup

Yay Anthropology for only $6

Monday, August 15, 2011

its something in the air

Every time i go to the
in  downtown Minneapolis 
i experience pure joy
(( and a stuffed tummy. love free samples ))
i love being surrounded by the vendors 
selling random crafts, fashion, and good eats
I love the freshness
of fruits vegetables and flowers
it just feels so right
this is how we should get our produce
local and fresh
i wish i could go every day!

The BEST Breakfast Burrito ever!
love when i can have sourkraut in the morning


Friday, August 12, 2011

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Read: The Hunger Games

 My friendster over at Sunny with a Chance of Sprinkles
told me i HAD to read 
The Hunger Games

and now people
i am telling you

Its a three book series and you probably should buy all three books right away
because as soon i finish one i can NOT wait to dive into the next

Im not one for sci-fi fantasy
 (if thats what this is categorized as)
but really the characters and story line carry you through the book as if your there 
which i love when a book successfully transports me

if i try to describe the book, i fear i wont even do the description justice 
so take my word and read it
you will not be sorry

and even more exciting the movie is supposed to come out march 2012!
this should be an awesome movie

it feels like forever..

I have broken my blogging hiatus
which originally started with no internet connection
then the computer broke
then i moved and that consumed my life
then i got a second job and now that consumes my life
and now i am in MN!!!
Which i was so excited to bring my old computer to Apple and get a new one
and i guess my computer was just playing dead because it works
yes i did just call my computer a brat
i am back to the blogging world
and honestly after blogging numerous times a week 
and reading everyone else blogs every day 
i really missed the blogging world
and have a lot of catch up reading to do

But for my first post back i will do 

awkward moving in with a guy roommate
awkward security freaking out on me because i had three bags at the airport instead of two when one is a purse that super easily fits inside another one. really come on.
awkward sitting in middle seat on planes. i hate it. 
you should get a discount for that crappy seat
awkward you should also get a discount for sitting in the back of the plane. 
it takes forever to wait for everyone else to get off!
awkward (and cute) showing my grandma what speaker phone is. 
she has a facebook and texts but had never used speakerphone. so cute
awesome my roommate makes me nummy meals because i have no time to cook
awesome my second job 
awesome The Hunger Games books. AMAZING.
 cant put them down. i crave reading those books
awesome going to my first Saints game tonight
awesome having my whole family together while i'm home
awesome the love and support my friends are showing me through this hard time
i love you all very much for that

Yay post #100

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